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The Serbian President counts on Hungary to prevent Kosovo’s NATO membership

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According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, Kosovo’s NATO membership may face strong resistance from Spain and Hungary, making it difficult to achieve. During his highly applauded “party-building tour” Vučić stated that this does not depend on Serbia, as the country is not a NATO member. Speaking at a rally in Sokobanja, the Serbian President emphasized that Serbia wants to establish the closest relationship with the Western military alliance, but there are boundaries that should not be crossed.

There will be those who will vote against it

The Serbian President continued to promote his new movement, which he intends to popularize with public funds. He said that Kosovo’s NATO membership will not be easy because there are countries in the alliance that would not support it, as they do not recognize Kosovo’s independence. He specifically mentioned Spain.

Vučić believes that Hungary, which is one of the countries recognizing Kosovo’s independence, may also make it difficult for the country to unilaterally join the Western military alliance.

If they manage to convince one or two countries to recognize them, Spain can show very strong resistance, just like some countries recognizing Kosovo, such as our Hungarian brothers and sisters

– said the Serbian President, reminding that there are four countries that did not recognize Kosovo’s independence.

It’s four because out of the EU’s five rejecting Kosovo’s independence, Cyprus is only in the waiting room of the NATO Partnership for Peace program.

NATO-tagság, NATO

A sokobanjai nagygyűlés résztvevői (Forrás: screenshot)

Serbia Draws the Line

At the rally held in front of about a thousand people in Soko Banja, Vucic reiterated his position that Serbia will remain militarily neutral.

As long as I am the President of the Republic, and for the next four years, as the commander-in-chief of the army, I guarantee that Serbia will never join NATO or any other military bloc. We will jealously guard our military neutrality, and defend our freedom ourselves

– declared the Serbian President, who also spoke about the kind of relationship he wants to build with those who bombed Serbia in the late 1990s.

I do not want to forget what happened to my people. I always look to the future, and that is why I urge us to build our country and strive for the best and closest possible relationships with those who attacked Serbia in the 1990s

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said the Serbian President, appealing to patriotism he also emphasized that there are lines that cannot be crossed, namely loyalty to Serbia and love for freedom.

The Serbian President said that he was responding to pressure aimed at pushing Serbia to join NATO or any other military alliance. However, he did not name any specific countries or organizations.

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