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Returning from America: Will the Ambassador become the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Prime Minister?


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Sportosan, de az évszaknak megfelelő öltözékben: Marko Đurić amerikai nagykövet és Aleksandar Vučić szerb elnök New Yorkban / Sporty, but dressed for the season: US Ambassador Marko Đurić and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in New York
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Marko Đurić, who previously served as an ambassador in the United States and formerly led the Kosovo government office, has returned to Serbia. For years, he played a particularly important role in the Serbian political scene, although his name has not been widely mentioned in recent times due to his mission in Washington. Serbian media is now speculating about the position the Serbian president has in mind for Đurić, whether he will appoint him as foreign minister or prime minister, among other possibilities. Đurić’s name has previously been mentioned in connection with the leadership of the foreign ministry; Serbia could use a normal foreign minister after Nikola Selaković and Ivica Dačić.

He is assigned an important position

Aleksandar Vučić’s trip to New York was not only an opportunity to present the plight of the Kosovo Serb people to the world through the Security Council but also to meet with Serbia’s US ambassador, Marko Đurić.

It is self-evident that an ambassador is hustling around the prime minister or president of his country when the illustrious guest arrives at his station. However, the connection between Đurić and Vučić goes much deeper than protocol dictates.

During the Serbian president’s visit a year and a half ago, in the early morning hours, they jogged together in Times Square. According to Vučić, Marko is a great athlete, and during jogging, he guided his “older friend” with briefings before participating in exhausting and important discussions. 

The Serbian president once again embraced the fresh air in New York, and this time, they were caught in public again, with his “young friend,” appearing quite sporty and appropriately dressed for the season, presumably spending time before some fast-food joint, as indicated by the tables.

What will become of the ambassador?

After the Serbian President’s Instagram post, announcing that Đurić is returning to Serbia to take on a crucial role, Serbian analysts are now speculating whether Vučić will appoint him as foreign minister or prime minister, among other possibilities. Previous rumors have even suggested that Đurić might succeed Aleksandar Vulin, a staunch pro-Russian figure, at the helm of the Security Information Agency (BIA).

Analysts believe that the position of foreign minister could be the most suitable role for Marko Đurić, as he could leverage his experience gained in the United States in this field. Moreover, Đurić reportedly maintains close ties with Israel as well.

However, there is also an urgent need for Serbia to have a genuine foreign minister, instead of Ivica Dačić, who sings to foreign guests, or the laid-back Nikola Selaković. Yet, the role of prime minister would also suit him better than the servile Miloš Vučević, to whom the Serbian president had previously promised the leadership of the government.

As this would not be the first time President Vučić fails to keep his promise, this option cannot be ruled out. 

Serbian media announced in mid-September 2020 that Marko Đurić would be Serbia’s new ambassador to Washington. Đurić received approval in November and officially became Serbia’s ambassador to the United States in December 2020, representing his country in nine other countries as a non-resident ambassador.

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