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Promised and Scared: Vučić Promised a Bright Future for Serbia, Then Envisioned a World War


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fényes jövő Leskovac Tanjug Bright future for Serbia
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Serbia is anticipating a bright future, at least that’s what the Serbian president predicted at his first campaign rally on Sunday. As previously speculated by BALK, Vučić has taken on the role of leading the campaign for the Serbian Progressive Party in preparation for the elections scheduled for December 17, as there is no trace of the populist movement he had announced. A substantial amount of state money has been spent on this rally series of, which was intended to breathe life into this movement, but it appears to have been in vain. For those who found a Sunday rally insufficient, Vučić granted an interview to the eighty-year-old Tanjug news agency in the evening, in which he envisioned another world war, thus echoing his promises and fears from Sunday.

The Bright Future

Serbia no longer dreams but refuses to stand still, as the Serbian president has introduced a new slogan. Instead of the long-forgotten populist slogan “Serbia dreams and makes its dreams come true,” the new progressive presidential slogan is “Serbia must not stop.”

BALK did not pay much attention to the previously announced “populist movement” as there was no vacant space in the Serbian political scene where the new political assembly could position itself.

The new Vučić movement lacked justification because it offered neither new values nor new content, and the Serbian Progressive Party had already absorbed the like-minded blue baboons, with the green rhinoceroses nowhere on the horizon, to paraphrase Cseh Tamás, although this is hardly understood in Serbia.

The Serbian president, who was socialized in the “rally politics” of the 1990s, gathered a crowd of people in the sports hall in Leskovac on Sunday to outline a bright future for the country and did it in the poorest region of Serbia.

He promised that by the end of 2027, the average salary in Leskovac, where the average salary is around 400 euros, would reach 1400 euros, but he later corrected himself, adding that wages in the underdeveloped city in southern Serbia would only rise to 1000 euros by the mentioned date.

So, in just three to four years, they plan to increase salaries in the city leading the poverty championship not threefold, but significantly less than double. The possibility of this happening is about as likely as the Pope converting to Islam.

– You know that what we say, we will make happen, because for us, the spoken word is the law

emphasized the Serbian president, representing the government and the ruling party. However, we won’t examine the reality of this statement, as the results would be quite deplorable.

fényes jövő Leskovac Tanjug / The Bright Future

Serbia must not stop – The Serbian President at the leskovac rally (Source: X-platform, Serbian Progressive Party)

The most important trump card for the December 17 elections will undoubtedly be the Kosovo issue, as the Serbian president, almost the sole spokesperson for his party, has already reinforced the narrative that the “democratic opposition” would relinquish Kosovo, which he equates with betrayal.

On one occasion, the Serbian president explained to those unfortunate ones who are sentenced to watching television channels with nationwide frequencies that broadcast government propaganda why the opposition uses the term “democratic”.

Looking back on his childhood, he used a metaphor, saying that he could never draw well, and when he tried to draw a horse, he would always label the barely recognizable image as a horse, so that no one saw anything else. Similarly, the opposition constantly calls itself democratic.

If we apply this metaphor to Kosovo, it is not by chance that the Serbian president repeatedly states that Kosovo is part of Serbia. This time was no different, even though he noted that he had been to Brussels more than two hundred times on Kosovo’s matter. Adding that, it would be less than five or even ten times.

– I always repeat that Kosovo is part of Serbia; it is in our constitution. It was and it will be

said the Serbian president, which could be translated as “it was a horse, and it will be a horse,” although there is a green rhinoceros occupying the Bondsteel base. Ana ha beg bah, that’s how you should love it!

The Bloody Future

In the evening, the Serbian president was in the studio of the Tanjug news agency to give an interview on the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of its establishment. He was reminded that this year also marks his thirtieth anniversary in politics, which seemed to make him uncomfortable as there were no glorious beginnings to discuss.

However, he swiftly moved on from this topic to talk about Kosovo once again. Then he switched to another topic and started discussing the Gaza crisis, agreeing with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that due to the Middle East conflict, attention had significantly shifted away from Ukraine.

fényes jövő Leskovac Tanjug

The Serbian president in the studio of the Tanjug news agency (Source: Screenshot Tanjug)

– Even if there is a peace agreement, it is clear that every regional force is waiting for its moment to strengthen a bit because they have now seen that Israel is not invulnerable

said the Serbian president. He believes Israel aims to resolve the current situation in a way that doesn’t jeopardize its future, which is particularly challenging because others have seen how vulnerable the most powerful Middle Eastern force is. So, it doesn’t stop here.

– People say there are many regional conflicts, but this is not yet a world war, although we are getting closer to what happened before. There are differences compared to the First and Second World Wars, but there are also many similarities

analyzed the situation, and the Serbian president noted that if another regional conflict erupts, the same actors will be involved. However, he was unable to express this thought because the reporter interrupted and steered the conversation in the direction of China.

– The Chinese are very patient because they know that time is working in their favor. To them, on a historical scale, thirty to fifty years means nothing. Signs of impatience are never seen in them; it will show up earlier in others

fényes jövő Leskovac Tanjug

He treated Ursula with flowers (Screenshot, Serbian Presidential Instagram)

emphasized the Serbian president. However, he couldn’t elaborate on this thought because the interviewer redirected the conversation towards Kosovo and the European stance on it.

At this point, the Serbian president took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Ursula von der Leyen for the considerable amount of money given to Belgrade, such as for the construction of the railway towards Niš.

He also thanked the President of the European Commission for not imposing sanctions against Serbia, but then delved into criticizing opposition TV channels, claiming that they serve the interests of oligarchs and criminals.

fényes jövő Leskovac Tanjug

Regarding the media coverage of the Serbian presidential interview, it’s worth noting that the Russian RIA Novosti news agency highlighted the part of the interview concerning the discussion about an impending world war, excluding the reference to Zelensky. They treated it as a fact that, according to the Serbian president’s calculations, the ongoing military conflict in the Middle East could escalate into a world war.

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