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Serbia is rapidly arming itself and has now purchased suicide drones

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Szerbia öngyilkos drónokat vásárol / Serbia purchases suicide drones
Serbia is buying suicide drones from the United Arab Emirates, the Serbian president welcomed the chief emir at the Abu Dhabi fair (Source: Serbian Presidential Instagram).
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The Serbian president attending at IDEX 2023 international arms fair in Abu Dhabi announced that Serbia is buying suicide drones from the United Arab Emirates, and the contract will be signed with the relevant officials there within 48 hours. The Serbian pro-government Informer called it excellent news in the headline of its report on the fair. Meanwhile, the Serbs also negotiated the sale of their own weapons in the UAE, with one potential buyer being Cyprus, but there is clearly a long line of interested parties, as the Arab world traditionally represents a receptive market for Serbian arms production.

Arab suicide drones are coming

Aleksandar Vucic spoke about this after Emirati President Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited the Serbian military stand, which greatly moved the Serbian President.

-We have been honored again! From among the more than 1,300 exhibitors from 65 countries, and 350 high-level delegations from all over the world, the Emirati President, IDEX patron and our friend, Muhammad Bin Zayed, also visited the Serbian pavilion!

– Vucic wrote on his Serbian presidential Instagram account, while also being elated that the Emir spent half an hour at the Serbian stand.

The visit is likely to be related to Vucic’s announcement that a contract will be signed within 48 hours, under which Serbia will purchase “suicide drones” from the United Arab Emirates.

No figures have been mentioned yet, neither unit price nor quantity of “kamikaze drones” to be procured, all that is known is that these weapons will soon be delivered to Serbia.

– These are suicide drones and will be on Serbian territory. We also hope that in the next five to six months, the Serbian army will receive the first Serbian suicide drones

– the Serbian president stated.

It is not yet clear what role the emirates and possibly China, which previously helped produce the first Serbian drone, will play in the production of Serbian suicide drones.
More details will be revealed after a negotiation between the Serbian delegation and the Emirati foreign minister this evening.

Must arm, no choice to live

The Serbian President believes that his country’s army needs to be strengthened because the surrounding countries are becoming increasingly stronger, and also because the statements of the Russian president do not bode well.

– Based on what I have inferred from Putin’s statements, it is clear that the Russian president is vigorously continuing the fight in Ukraine, which, like every escalation of the conflict, further complicates Serbia’s situation in political, military and every other sense

– said Vučić, who believes that “as expected,” significant changes will be visible on the battlefield within one or two days, but significant changes are also expected in political actions related to Serbia from the Western side, as well as other international factors, although he did not name the Russians specifically.

The Serbian president also spoke about how the Emirates are satisfied with Serbian development projects, but added that 30 percent of the weapons produced by the Serbian defense industry must be kept at home, which means a 10 percent increase in arming the Serbian army.

-We must defend ourselves, and our own army should be first priority

Öngyilkos drónok és arab díszőrség

The Serbian president visiting the United Arab Emirates was received with a guard of honor (Source: Serbian presidential Instagram)

– said the Serbian president, who also mentioned that there is a huge demand for weapons, and the Serbian defense industry can literally sell anything now and in the future, especially when it comes to ammunition and mines, that is, anything with an explosive charge.

In this regard, he noted that wage growth is expected in the Serbian defense industry, “because everyone wants to fight, and everyone is preparing for war,” so everything they produce is in high demand.

Serbia is currently negotiating with Cyprus to supply weapons to the island nation, but the line is expected to be long, as noted in the introduction.

The Russians skyrocketed production

The Serbian president has been at the Abu Dhabi military equipment fair for the second day, where he made “strong statements” on Monday, probably under the influence of the environment.

He said Serbia is spending 300 million euros on weapons purchases, which is topped up with another 90 million euros according to this year’s financial plan.

-We need to raise the share to three percent (of GDP), because it is obvious that those who do not have a strong army will be attacked.

– justified the Serbian president, who believes this will be a significant jump from the current 2.3 percent share.

The Serbian president also urged as many boys and girls as possible to join the Serbian army (based on the current application), because the basic salary will be 220,000 dinars (1,875 euros), so the monthly wage, along with various supplements, can exceed 2,000 euros, which is double or triple the salary of those working in education or healthcare, but these are the times we live in.

Vučić noted that with a general arms race underway in the world, Serbia is doing nothing more than spending a lot on its army because, in his opinion, the Serbian army must be stronger today, incomparably stronger than before.

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