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War Hysteria: Croatians Also Joining the Race

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war hysteria or reality
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Even the Croatians couldn’t resist getting involved in the ongoing war hysteria. Military experts and Đuro Vidmarović, former Croatian ambassador to Kyiv, took the stage on Croatian public radio to discuss the situation. And since they were all gathered so nicely, they announced that the Third World War is lurking around the corner. The Russians may not be in the pantry yet, but in a few years… and blah blah, and more blah blah. We still don’t understand why people needlessly scare others with hypothetical scenarios, but that’s the situation.

The Russians are heading towards the English Channel…

High-ranking officers, defense ministers stoke the fire, warning us about the imminent danger of war. As soon as the Russians finish with the Ukrainians, they are said to be heading towards the English Channel.

Us peasants are left scratching our heads in the midst of this dramatic situation, wondering why nobody is doing anything to avoid the war or, if we can’t avoid it, at least prepare for the defense of our homeland.

No mobilization, no putting 100% effort into, for example, ammunition production, and no one, absolutely no one, is taking steps to call the masses of citizens, who have been lulled into prosperity, to arms.

So, despite all the talk, we see no signs of any military preparations, so we dare to say that perhaps the danger is not as great as they say. Somewhere along the line, mathematics seems to have been lost.

According to recent statistical data, the EU has approximately 450 million inhabitants and a GDP of 16 trillion euros. If the clip would be tight, we could easily field a million-strong army, and if there’s the will, we could arm ourselves to the teeth.

We could even manufacture nuclear weapons, not to mention other traditional weapons and stealth technology. Something is seriously amiss here; they are vigorously fooling us, but it has not yet been revealed why and for what purpose.

Mr. Ambassador says it’s war

After the above disclaimer, we continue the report. According to Vidmarović, the former ambassador to Kyiv, the current situation is reminiscent of the post-1939 Munich Agreement era.

If we consider some Western diplomatic moves and statements, we see that they increasingly want to force Ukraine into negotiations with Russia and the surrender of some of its territories, as was done with Czechoslovakia in 1938

said Vidmarović, who believes that the deterrent effect of nuclear weapons saves the world.

We are on the brink of the Third World War, but thank God, there are powerful, destructive atomic weapons that hold this world together, because Putin also knows that after launching his cruise missiles, the other party will react immediately

added the ambassador, who, following the analysis of the benevolent effects of nuclear weapons, noted that Russian President Putin’s recent statements, especially those regarding the Baltic republics, are very dangerous and indicate a deterioration of the situation.

Barely noticeable Croatian stealth MiG-21

Barely noticeable Croatian stealth MiG-21 (Source:TurDef)

Vidmarović cryptically added that Europe had to defend itself diplomatically.

– It is very important what is happening behind the scenes, these negotiations are very important. Despite the strong reactions of politicians, they have not been interrupted, and if not for diplomacy, the conflict would have escalated militarily by now

Vidmarović warned. It seems he might know, and after these remarks, it’s no wonder that another gem popped out of the ex-ambassador’s well:

 If it weren’t for diplomacy, the conflict would have already significantly escalated, especially in the Middle East. If there were no diplomacy, a war between America and Iran, including Israel, would have already broken out.

The Situation Militarily and Serbian-wise

Military expert Mario Galić began his spiel by pointing out that the mention of mandatory military service in Croatia did not come up on the agenda due to public opinion or pressure from the military. Instead, it was because the leadership of the Serbian army officially requested the reintroduction of mandatory military service in Serbia.

According to Galić, the Serbian decision cannot be attributed to the fact that there was an election campaign in Serbia. He believes the reason is that the Serbian army wants to establish a very strong war reserve in a very short period, approximately within five years.

Croatia has no war reserves, and it does not have a proper army

– mondta Galić, és egyúttal arra figyelmeztetett, hogy az erőviszonyok rövid időn belül drámaian megváltoznak a Balkánon. Az egyetlen válasz, amit Horvátország erre adhat, az a sorkatonai szolgálat újbóli bevezetése.

We need to organize it so that we have at least 300,000 reservists, and from that, we can call up 200,000 people at any time, keeping 100,000 for rotation, replenishment, like in a defensive war

explained Galić. He did not disclose how this could be practically achieved, but we forgive him, as he is not alone in lacking a ministerial understanding of how to turn the Bundeswehr into an effective military force, just like Boris Pistorius, the German Minister of Defense.

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