CONCLUSION: The Special Prosecutor General of Montenegro has been told that he has more responsibility than the leader of the Serbian criminal gang.

Olvasási idő: 1 perc  A montenegrói parlament biztonsági és védelmi bizottságának ülésén “erőteljes szóváltás” alakult ki Milivoje Katnić különleges főügyész és Marko Milačić az Igazi Montenegró (Prava Crna Gora) párt…

PROTECTION AND JUDGMENT: Belivuk criminal group charged while Csaba Dér was convicted in Serbia


MOTHER OF ALL BRIDGES: A land connection was established between the two parts of Croatia, or history was bridged

Reading time: 3 minutes Shortly after midnight, in keeping with Chinese tradition, the insertion of the last segment of the Pelješac bridge into the bridge body was completed with great fireworks, bringing the number of years to more than 300 years…

BUILD SUCCESS: Croatian fame in the world from tschewaptscichen to Whitesnake

Bosnia and Herzegovina


PROBLEM IS IN THE SOUTH: The number of new diseases has jumped in Serbia, or import infections are becoming more frequent

Reading time: 3 minutes The fourth wave does not appear to be waiting for autumn and is already under attack in mid-summer. After Croatia and Slovenia, more and more people in Serbia…



OPEN BALKAN: Borders will disappear from 2023, or the relationship between Albanians and Serbs in paradise

Reading time: 3 minutes According to the Serbian president, if successful, from January 2023, XNUMX, there will be no borders between Serbia, Macedonia and Albania. The collaboration, formerly called Mini Schengen, is now Open…


HARDLY MOVED: Bulgaria responds again, or for now, stalemate seems to remain

Reading time: 3 minutes More than 6,7 million voters were able to go to the polls on July 11 in Bulgaria. According to the electoral law, Bulgaria consists of 31 constituencies in proportion to the population (the largest 16, the smallest…

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